Community Energy Systems and Sustainable Energy Transitions in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique (CESET)

A collaborative multi-institutional research partnership funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund, CESET explores the potential of community energy systems to accelerate inclusive, just, and clean energy transitions in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Mozambique.


Map showing extreme precarity of energy access in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Mozambique


CESET presents a new short film on community energy in Malawi

14th November, 2022

Last week was the premiere of the new CESET short film “community energy in Malawi: on the ground experiences” as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science at The University of Sheffield. The film was directed by filmmaker Sean Lovell.

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Accelerating the energy transition in Malawi

7th November, 2022

Our CESET colleague Christopher Hara has produced a new article on "Accelerating an Energy Transition from Biomass to E-Cooking and Other Clean Energy Options Through Community Energy Off-Grid Systems in Malawi". 

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Fieldwork visits to four off-grid energy projects in Malawi

4th November, 2022

Josh Kirshner (University of York) and Chris Hara (Mzuzu University) made site visits to several community energy projects in central and southern Malawi in late September 2022, speaking with project directors, managers and local residents.

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