Community Energy Systems and Sustainable Energy Transitions in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique (CESET)

A collaborative multi-institutional research partnership funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund, CESET explores the potential of community energy systems to accelerate inclusive, just, and clean energy transitions in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Mozambique.


Map showing extreme precarity of energy access in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Mozambique


New report published by AMER

15th August, 2023

Associação Moçambicana de Energias Renováveis have recently produced a report that explores the gaps and opportunities in the national legislation of Mozambique to propose an additional package of incentives to stimulate the operators in the off-grid sub sector to adhere to the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Seal (GESIS) norm. 

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Energy improvements to the Manolo Health Center, Malawi

16th June, 2023

Our CESET co-investigators in Malawi have undertook a field visit to the Manolo Health Centre to assess its current access (or non-access) to energy and their energy needs, and to determine what energy system they would need to service its patients effectively.

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New policy brief on Mozambique's off-grid energy regulation

23rd May, 2023

Our CESET co-investigators Carlos Shenga and Lorraine Howe of the Centre for Research on Governance and Development (CPGD) in Maputo have published a Portuguese language policy brief ‘Oportunidades para Absorver Projectos Comunitários Energéticos’ on Mozambique's off-grid energy regulation. The policy brief provides an overview of a study, funded by The University of Sheffield's Impact Accelerator Account, that assessed the opportunities and challenges for the uptake of off-grid energy projects in the country.

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