CESET focuses on four main areas of work exploring the potential of community energy systems to deliver just and sustainable energy transitions in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Regional Energy Learning Alliance

This pillar of work focuses on the formation of a Regional Energy Learning Alliance (RELA), an international network bringing together researchers, policy-makers, communities, industry partners and practitioners to address the practical challenges of energy access in East Africa. RELA will host yearly events and online seminars to explore East Africa's energy futures and the role community energy can play within those. RELA activities will showcase CESET's research alongside promoting the perspectives of the various actors involved in creating more just and sustainable energy transitions in East Africa.


Understanding the political economy of community energy

This pillar of work focuses on situating the current development of community energy in Malawi, Ethiopia and Mozambique within the broader political economy of energy in East Africa. Our research team will trace investment flows and energy policy reforms in each country, analyzing their effects on the deployment of community energy and their influence on energy access.


Exploring the landscape of community energy in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique

This pillar of work consists of empirical, comparative work to generate knowledge about the diversity of community energy models across Malawi, Mozambique and Ethiopia. These three countries face very distinct energy access challenges and have taken different policy and regulatory approaches to address those. Through comparative research, our team will generate new knowledge about existing and potential models for delivering community-led energy solutions in diverse contexts of action.


A Community Energy Lab

The final pillar of the project focuses on the construction of a community energy laboratory in Maputo, which will be constituted as a model project and as a site for collective learning. The Community Energy Lab will bring together researchers from across Mozambique and the UK, community organizations, social entrepreneurs, and governmental actors to design a site specific model for delivering a solar micro-grid in the periphery of Maputo. This collective programme of work will generate new insights on how community-led energy planning and governance can support the uptake of off-grid solar energy in East Africa.