New report published by AMER

15th August, 2023

Associação Moçambicana de Energias Renováveis have recently produced a report that explores the gaps and opportunities in the national legislation of Mozambique to propose an additional package of incentives to stimulate the operators in the off-grid sub sector to adhere to the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Seal (GESIS) norm. 

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Energy improvements to the Manolo Health Center, Malawi

16th June, 2023

Our CESET co-investigators in Malawi have undertook a field visit to the Manolo Health Centre to assess its current access (or non-access) to energy and their energy needs, and to determine what energy system they would need to service its patients effectively.

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New policy brief on Mozambique's off-grid energy regulation

23rd May, 2023

Our CESET co-investigators Carlos Shenga and Lorraine Howe of the Centre for Research on Governance and Development (CPGD) in Maputo have published a Portuguese language policy brief ‘Oportunidades para Absorver Projectos Comunitários Energéticos’ on Mozambique's off-grid energy regulation. The policy brief provides an overview of a study, funded by The University of Sheffield's Impact Accelerator Account, that assessed the opportunities and challenges for the uptake of off-grid energy projects in the country.

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Mozambican Government, SNV and CESET build Synergies to operationalize GESIS

19th May, 2023

SNV held a key milestone meeting on April 19th in the city of Maputo under BRILHO programme.

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CESET contributes to new handbook on energy justice

17th May, 2023

Our CESET team have contributed chapters to the new ‘Handbook on Energy Justice’ edited by Stefan Bouzarovski et al (2023) and published by Elgar.

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New CESET article published!

15th May, 2023

CESET members Mulualem G. Gebreslassie and Solomon T. Bahta from Mekelle University have published a new Case report paper titled “Ethiopia needs peace to accelerate its SDG 7 achievements” in the World development perspective journal at Elsevier.  

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New special issue on change in infrastructure landscapes

14th May, 2023

Vanesa Castán Broto and Enora Robin have just published a new special issue in the Journal of Landscape Research, which includes an editorial piece 'Embracing change in infrastructure landscapes' 

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Gender equality and social inclusion seal

27th April, 2023

The gender equality and social inclusion (GESIS) and new White Paper 2023 "A norm regulating the implementation of GESI in Mozambique’s energy sector" was launched at a stakeholder meeting at the Palona Hotel in Maputo. 

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Female engineers empowered with new skills on energy systems

26th April, 2023

CESET project in collaboration with Mzuzu University, organized a vocational training targeting female technicians from various fields of energy. The training was funded by the ESRC Impact Accelerator Account as part of the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Seal project, which aims to address the unequal power relations experienced by people on the grounds of gender, ability, location, ethnicity and language and agency when accessing energy resources.

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Technical improvements for Chipopoma mini hydro plant a success!

17th April, 2023

Last September the CESET team returned to Chipopoma mini hydro plant, a community-based mini-hydro developed led by John Sailence, that supplies electricity to the Manchewe community in Khondowe, Livingstonia. 

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Mulualem Gebreslassie presented a CESET paper at the Global Energy Submit 2023

12th April, 2023

Our CESET Member Mulualem G. Gebreslassie (Mekelle University) has presented a paper entitled “The role of community energy to facilitate energy transitions in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Mozambique” in the Global Energy Meet 2023 organised by the United Scientific Group at Boston from March 06-10, 2023. The talk was held virtually on the 5thday of the conference on the 10th of March 2023. 

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CESET presents on community energy in East Africa at the GEM 2023

12th April, 2023

Dr Amare Assefa from Addis Ababa University presented research work by CESET team member Dawit Habtu at the Global Energy Meet conference (GEM-2023) in Boston, MA 6-10 March 2023. 

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New report on Mozambique's off-grid energy regulation

16th March, 2023

Our CESET co-investigators Lorraine Howe and Carlos Shenga of the Centre for Research on Governance in Maputo have published a new report on the opportunities and challenges for the uptake of community energy projects in Mozambique. 

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Introduction to special issue on Energy Sustainability and Society published

8th March, 2023

An editorial piece written by CESET PI Professor Vanesa Castán Broto and her colleagues Philpp Späth, Simon Bawakyillenuo and Michael Pregernig has been published as the introduction to a special issue - "The governance of energy transitions in Africa: a sketch of plural perspectives". 

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New open access paper on corridors as empty signifiers

7th February, 2023

CESET Co-investigators Dr Joshua Kirshner and Idalina Baptista's new paper "Corridors as empty signifiers: The entanglement of Mozambique’s colonial past and present in its development corridors" is available via open access in Planning Perspectives. 

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Introducing Dr Harshit Vallecha

6th February, 2023

We are delighted to welcome Harshit to the CESET team. Harshit is a Research Associate in Community Energy Systems (CES) at STEER centre, Loughborough University. He is working jointly on CESET project and Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) programme.

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Mapping Community Energy Systems in Malawi

16th January, 2023

Our CESET partners at Addis Abba University in Ethiopia have been busy creating an interactive map that provides information on Malawi's community energy systems (CES) as of 2023. A total of 20 community energy systems based on hydro, solar, wind, and a hybrid of solar and wind have been identified.

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Decentralised and off-grid energy solutions in Mozambique

9th January, 2023

In December 2022 CESET Co-Investigator Dr Joshua Kirshner of York University was interviewed by a journalist for the last feature article of 2022 for Zitamar news on his thoughts on decentralised and off-grid energy in Mozambique. 


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New CESET open access journal article published

16th December, 2022

Some of the CESET team in collaboration with their colleagues, led by our Ethiopian CESET project Co-Investigator Mulualem G. Gebreslassie, have published an article on “The need to localize energy technologies for Africa's post COVID-19 recovery and growth” in Scientific African.

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CESET presents a new short film on community energy in Malawi

14th November, 2022

Last week was the premiere of the new CESET short film “community energy in Malawi: on the ground experiences” as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science at The University of Sheffield. The film was directed by filmmaker Sean Lovell.

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