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Regional Energy Learning Alliance 

We have established the RELA to deliver a long- term research program that supports trans-sectoral learning on community energy systems in East Africa and beyond, during and after the CESET project. Our network activities includes a survey of the higher education programmes that teach energy-related skills in Ethiopia and the RELA online webinars


  • TEA-LP: Project CESET partners with the Transforming Energy Access Learning Partnership (TEA-LP). TEA-LP has been supporting 8 universities across Africa to design new post graduate curricula responsive to the skills and needs of the energy access sector. They also support partner universities to prepare for implementing new programmes that can run sustainably in the long run, through various ways including funding prospective students with scholarships. TEA-LP has built a network of African experts across countries for energy access and we are proud to collaborate with them towards maintaining and expanding this network through durable south-south partnerships. 
  • BRILHO: Project CESET has established a partnership with BRILHO as both share a mutual interest in improving the livelihoods of men and women in Mozambique through increased energy access to the lower-income population leading to greater economic empowerment. Over the forthcoming months the partnership will undertake different activities, for example collaboration in the production of the Gender Equality Seal; active participation in project workshops; and development of joint research or support on specific research studies associated with each of the programs’ core areas of work (e.g. community energy systems, green mini-grids, research on the demand and supply sides of energy access).


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