Building the RELA network

7th July, 2021

Last month members of the CESET team met with representatives from the Transforming Energy Access Learning Partnership (TEA-LP) to discuss a possible collaboration with the CESET project and the Regional Energy Learning Alliance.

TEA-LP has been supporting 8 universities across Africa to design  new postgraduate curricula responsive to the skills needs of energy access sector. In addition, TEA-LP supports partner universities to prepare for implementing the new programmes so that they can run sustainably going forwards. This includes funding prospective students with scholarships. Through this project, TEA-LP has built a network of African experts across countries for the energy access sector.

The CESET and TEA-LP team discussed the potential of working together towards maintaining and growing the network; building durable south-south partnership and the possibility of organizing an initial conference in Malawi in 2022.