CESET feedback on Mozambique’s new draft off-grid regulation

20th April, 2021

The Government of Mozambique recently distributed a draft off grid regulation and requested comments by the private sector and other relevant stakeholders. CESET were given the opportunity to participate in the consultation process and provided feedback to the Associação Moçambicana de Energias Renováveis (AMER), a non-profit association whose mission is to promote renewable energy in Mozambique. AMER compiled all the comments from stakeholders and submitted them in a single document to the Autoridade Reguladora de Energia (ARENE), the independent energy regulator.

Whilst CESET acknowledged it was encouraging consultation was taking place and it would be beneficial to have specific laws on off grid renewables, especially those which had lesser level of administration of approval processes, CESET also identified key points of critique:

  • Extend the scope of the regulation to urban areas 
  • A cadastre poses burdens but has no clear benefits 
  • Well-managed off-grid systems do not need to demonstrate additional economic benefits 
  • Taylor bureaucratic hurdles to different types of projects 
  • Tariffs must recognize the economic conditions of the development of off-grid systems 
  • Tax profits, not the development of off-grid systems 

You can download CESET’s full briefing using the link below.