CESET participation in the DSA conference

11th July, 2022

The theme of this years conference was "Just sustainable futures in an urbanising and mobile world". Vanesa and Hita presented their paper titled, "Challenges to co-production in cities: a review of the landscape of co-production across urban water, forestry, and energy".

The paper presents a systematic analysis of the literature on co-production that focuses on identifying co-production examples in three sectors: forestry, water services and energy. These sectors constitute contrasting conditions that shape the meaning of co-production. The analysis then continues providing an analysis of how community and inclusion are considered within each coproduction initiatives. The paper concludes that different models of co-production (focused on market-models of service provisioning, socially-led provisioning, or knowledge-production focus) articulate radically different understandings of community, in relation to who belongs and who does not belong to the community and the degree of ownership that community members can have over the co-production initiative. Lorraine and Getachew were discussants. 

In addition, Vanesa chaired a session on The politics of urban development and reform in Africa.