CESET Project is 'official'!

20th November, 2020

The UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund - which aims to accelerate clean energy transitions in low and middle income countries - has officially announced its Collective Programme brochure.

CESET is one of 18 projects to receive funding, having been awarded £1.3 million to develop their research exploring the transition to inclusive, clean energy in Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique.

We are also extremely pleased that our University of Sheffield colleague Professor Sue Hartley, Vice-President for Research at the University, and her team have also won a grant for research in Enhancing livelihoods in East African agricultural communities through innovations in solar energy.

You can read the full press release here 


PDF icon GCRF Collective Brochure.pdf3.72 MB

This work, alongside the work of researchers within Ethiopia, Malawi and Mozambique, will benefit low-income communities directly. We’re hoping that this project can help us to rethink what energy access is and what kind of models we use to develop alternative energy sources. It’s important that we can help low-income communities to be more autonomous when it comes to making their own energy decisions.

Professor Castán Broto