Cities Day COP26

17th November, 2021

On 11th November 2021 the COP26 came to an end with a crucial discussion on the importance of cities in the climate agenda. The British Academy marked the event by publishing three briefings that examine how cities and urban communities can respond effectively to the climate crisis. The briefings highlight the significant contributions that cities have made to man-made global warming and the role they have to play in transformative action on climate change. Estimates suggest that cities now account for 78% of world energy consumption and more than 60% of carbon emissions, while 70% of the world’s cities are already experiencing climate change impacts.

In “Just Climate Adaptation in Cities: Reflections for an Interdisciplinary Research Agenda, Professor Vanesa Castán Broto – explores what "just adaptation" means for cities, examining the need to reconfigure the physical environment in urban areas; the demands for inclusive adaptation that also addresses the causes of inequality and discrimination; and the dynamics of power and action in contemporary cities.

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Photo credit: "lego city" by ijnek29 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0