Huge welcome to - Hita Unnikrishnan - new CESET researcher

25th June, 2021

We are delighted to welcome Hita Unnikrishnan to the CESET team where she will work across all four key pillars of work.

Hita joined the Urban Institute as a post-doctoral researcher on a Newton International Fellowship. Her work focuses on histories of urban water commons within the south Indian city of Bengaluru.

Hita’s research interests lie in the interface of urban ecology, systems thinking, resilience, urban environmental history and urban political ecology as it relates to the evolution, governance, and management of common pool resources in cities of the global south. Her doctoral research has focused on the changing ecological and social vulnerabilities of the social ecological system represented by lakes within Bengaluru. Her work has been published in reputed peer reviewed journals such as Urban Ecosystems, Society and Natural Resources, and the International Journal of the Commons. Her work combines several methods including analysis of archival literature, oral histories, GIS, ecological field studies, and ethnography, while at the same time spanning different temporal and spatial scales.



I am looking forward to being able to work on collective action in a completely new context - that of Maputo in Mozambique - and am excited about being involved in setting up the planned community energy lab in the region

Dr Hita Unnikrishnan, Urban Institute