International workshop on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

25th September, 2023

On 22 September 2023 the CESET project hosted a hybrid workshop on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion at Chimney House in Sheffield. The workshop was designed to understand what feminist and intersectional perspectives on climate change and infrastructural transitions can contribute to the delivery in policy and practice and examine the opportunities presented by and the challenges faced by existing attempts to do this.

The sessions were structured around:

  • climate change, gender, and infrastructure
  • intersectionality in the energy transition, and
  • practical experiences of advancing gender equality and social inclusion in infrastructure.

Each session began with a short provocation from leading scholars (listed below) on their experiences with addressing issues of gender equality and social inclusion in their own work and was followed by reflections from other participants of the workshop.

  • Provocation 1: Dr Ralitsa Hiteva, Senior Research Fellow, SPRU, University of Sussex Business School
  • Provocation 2: Professor Joy Clancy Joy Clancy, Professor Emerita Energy and Gender, University of Twente, The Netherlands
  • Provocation 3: Angelina Bombe, Planner and Gender Focal Point, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Mozambique