Keynote presentations from the CESET conference available to watch

17th January, 2024

On the 26th of September, CESET organised an external facing conference “From Market to Social Value: Reimagining the role of community energy in Sustainability Transitions” in Sheffield. The conference brought together the CESET team, researchers, activists, practitioners, and community energy project managers from the UK, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa. The conference included keynotes followed by responses and open discussion. The keynotes are now available to watch on the CESET Playlist on the Urban Institute YouTube Channel - links below. 

Session 1: The Political Economy

Dr Francesca Pilo’, Utrecht University "For an (insurgent) political economy of energy transition: the role of energy communities in Rio de Janeiro"

Session 2: Financing community energy:  sharing experience from the UK

Dr Timothy Braunholtz-speight, University of Manchester "Financing community energy - challenges in the UK"

Session 3: Social equity and community energy

Dr Ankit Kumar, University of Sheffield "What kind of community for whose justice?"

Session 4: Gender and Intersectionality Perspectives

Clementina De Souza, SNV Maputo "Gender Equality and Social Inclusion"