Mapping Community Energy Systems in Malawi

16th January, 2023

Based on the availability of the harnessed energy resource, these systems have been distributed across Malawi. The mapping below provides a summary of detailed information such as the type of energy source, capacity, current status, year of commissioning, number of direct and indirect beneficiaries, and usage on each CES in Malawi. The interactive map allows you to select the type of energy source from a dropdown list, which then pull up the details each CES.

Malawi has implemented several off-grid community energy systems with the help of the government and non-governmental organizations. CES have proven to eliminate energy challenges in rural communities by promoting energy access and transition. Through solar energy kiosks and mini-grids, the CES provides viable energy options for low-income households located far from the national grid. The CES has been used in a variety of applications ranging from simple lighting and phone charging to agro processing such as maize milling.

Access the map here