A new article in Axon: Creative Explorations examines the complexity involved in developing collective voice

12th January, 2021

A ‘Minifesta’ as the promise of collective voice is an article that reports the experience of writing a collective manifesto by a group of urbanists and activists from Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and the UK in a workshop in Kampala in November 2019. The initial purpose to write a manifesto became a 'minifesta,' a collective engagement with minor theory and feminist readings of urban equality. The workshop was part of an experimental space created by the project Knowledges in Action for Urban Equality funded by the UK Global Challenges Research Fund to promote urban equality through transformative research and capacity. The paper

"explains the methodologies that inspired the process of writing, reflects on the contradictions that permeate the generation of collective voices, and discusses the relationship between collective voice and situated knowledge. In doing so, it proposes a move from grand manifestos to situated minifestas, arguing for minor literature in the generation of feminist, subaltern knowledge".

 The article is open access