New policy brief on Mozambique's off-grid energy regulation

23rd May, 2023

Our CESET co-investigators Carlos Shenga and Lorraine Howe of the Centre for Research on Governance and Development (CPGD) in Maputo have published a Portuguese language policy brief ‘Oportunidades para Absorver Projectos Comunitários Energéticos’ on Mozambique's off-grid energy regulation. The policy brief provides an overview of a study, funded by The University of Sheffield's Impact Accelerator Account, that assessed the opportunities and challenges for the uptake of off-grid energy projects in the country.

Based on key informant interviews with energy operators, donors and implementing partners, the study found that the off-grid regulation sets the foundation for increasing energy access through increased confidence and investment in both the off-grid energy market and government institutions. However, challenges remain such as the transparency of roles and responsibilities of key government institutions and having appropriate resources in place.

Based on the study’s findings, a series of policy recommendations are made for relevant government institutions, donors and implementing agencies. The recommendations include, amongst others, for the government to urgently publish the accessory instruments that complete the off-grid regulatory framework.

The policy brief can be download via the link below.