New report published by the World Health Organisation

7th June, 2022

A recent report “Tracking SDG7: The Energy Progress Report 2022” claims renewable energy was the only energy source to grow through the pandemic!

Africa remains the least electrified in the world with millions of people without electricity access. Even those people who had previously gained access to electricity, can no longer afford to pay for their basic energy needs. COVID-19 had a catastrophic impact on people gaining access to clean cooking fuels and technologies, which has been worsened in recent months by the war in the Ukraine, which has led to uncertainty in global oil and gas markets and has sent energy prices spiraling. This is in addition to facing extreme weather events and climate change

Global progress to energy access is not keeping up with population growth. The World Health Organisation state that renewable energy was the only energy source to grow through the pandemic.

“Despite continued disruptions in economic activity and supply chains following responses to the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, renewable energy has shown resilience, especially in the electricity sector. However, in 2021, rising commodity, energy, and shipping prices, in addition to restrictive trade measures, have increased the cost of producing and transporting solar PV modules, wind turbines, and biofuels, increasing uncertainty about renewable energy projects. Getting renewable deployment on track with SDG 7.2 and 7.B.1, as well as with the Paris Agreement, will require stronger policies in all sectors and more effective mobilization of private capital and the strategic use of public financing, particularly in developing countries”. (Executive Summary, p14).

To access the executive summary and full report:

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