SCENE developing a flexible model to address the energy gap

9th April, 2021

SCENE are CESET’s delivery partner for work package 4 and technical specialists in community energy and energy access. They have identified an energy access gap between solar-home systems and traditional minigrid infrastructure. To address this, they are working with their colleagues on another project (Emblem) to develop the models and technology to fill it. The solution centres around developing flexible infrastructure that can leverage existing assets (e.g. SHS) and grow in size and capacity over time, with a view to interconnecting these grids to traditional larger systems (national grids; large minigrids) in future. You can find out more about their Emblem project by watching the YouTube video via the link below or read their blog.

Developing off-grid energy infrastructure is hard and learning by doing is critical to successful and impactful projects. Scene will bring key insights from the Emblem project into CESET. For example, instead of taking preconceived ideas of how a minigrid should operate, developers must understand off-taker communities deeply and design a utility service that caters to their specific needs. Developers must be prepared to innovate technically, commercially and socially to achieve this.

David Jones, Scene Commercial Manager
Emblem Explainer: Energy Catalyst Showcase