Watch the Malawi CES presentations on YouTube

12th July, 2022

We heard from the following projects – click on the links to watch on the YouTube CESET playlist:  

The presentations gave an overview of the system; how they supported agriculture, other ways of income generation and socio-economic development of rural communities; how many household/customers they provided for; connection fees and tariffs and the need for onsite technical expertise.

This was followed by a Q/A session that explored the role of the community in the CES projects, the challenges with the tariff, and the provocation that community energy projects are unsustainable. Questions included: 

  • What strategies did they use for community involvement engagement?
  • Was there a difference between community involvement and empowering?
  • How did people from the villages apply for connection? 
  • Given the load issues, how did the CES managers negotiate the process of customers connecting at certain times and did the customers expect i.e. what service did they expect?
  • In relation to community energy resilience supply and issues around supply chains and extreme events like COVID and cyclones, what were the challenges CES managers faced?
  • Could CES systems enhance community resilience and did people have a preference to being connected to the grid or a CES?