The Regional Energy Learning Alliance 2021 Webinar Series

The Regional Energy Learning Alliance (RELA) is a broad network of practitioners, policy makers, researchers and people interested in the future of community energy in East Africa. In 2021, RELA  hosted a series of online webinars to initiate debate and shape energy policy development.

Webinar 1: Community Energy and Sustainable Energy Transitions in East Africa: Project Launch + Keynote Address Speaker: Professor Yacob Mulugetta (speaker), University College London In conversation with: Professor Vanesa Castán Broto (chair), University of Sheffield

Webinar 2: Rethinking energy poverty and best practices for the governance of distributed renewable energy access Speaker: Professor Benjamin Sovacool, University of Sussex Business School In conversation with: Lorraine Howe (chair), Centre for Research and Governance and Development; Professor Marcus Power (discussant), Durham University

Webinar 3: Community Energy and National Energy Strategies Speaker: Dr Simon Bawakyillenuo, University of Ghana (Institute of Statistical, Economic & Social Research) In conversation with: Dr Long Seng To (chair), Loughborough University; Dr Getachew Bekele (discussant), Addis Ababa Institute of Technology

Webinar 4: Implementing community-centred off-grid energy projects in informal settlements Speakers: Dr Jiska De Groot, University of Cape Town (African Climate & Development Institute), Professor Federico Caprotti, University of Exeter, Hendrick Schloemann, Zenke Energy In conversation with: Dr Joshua Kirshner (chair), University of York; Dr Collen Zalengera (discussant), Mzuzu University