CESET team presented at the International Conference on Environmental Engineering & Renewable Energy

16th January, 2024

Solomon Bahta and Mulualem Gebreslassie authored a CESET conference paper, which was presented virtually by Solomon on 22 December 2023, at the International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energy (ICENVERE - 23) in Finland, thanks to funding from the CESET project.

The conference provided a dynamic platform for scholars to present their research on strategies, and policies for advancing sustainable energy transitions. The virtual format of the event allowed for global participation and participants were able to share knowledge and have discussions on a range of research topics. It was a major step forward in promoting conversations, partnerships, and workable solutions to advance Ethiopia's energy transition.

The conference provided a platform for Solomon to present, the challenges and progress of off-grid energy systems in Ethiopia, energy coverage of Ethiopia in relation to the abundant sources it has, and the importance of off-grid energy systems in-providing access to the under-served areas, contributing to sustainable development Goals. Furthermore, his presentation boldly has  focused on the impact of regulatory frameworks, and policies on the adoption and acceleration of off-grid energy systems and their role in the energy transition particularly in Ethiopia.

Solomon highlighted key elements of the adoption of sustainable energy by presenting research outputs on the contribution of off-grid energy systems to Ethiopia's sustainable energy transition. The presentation focused on important discoveries related to sustainable energy transitions, aligning with the Community Energy goal of facilitating research and progress in the field. The contribution of the CESET project in advancing and generating knowledge on community energy was highlighted as part of the presentation, which was evidenced through its financial support to the  participation of the CESET team to present the research finding in the conference.

The research paper titled "The Role of Off-Grid Energy Systems for Sustainable Energy Transition in Ethiopia" has now been published in the journal “Journal of Harbin Engineering University”. You can access it here or downlaod below.