New CESET open access journal article published

16th December, 2022

Africa has limited capacity to develop its own energy technologies and has been largely dependent on importation for its economic development. It is anticipated that there will be huge challenge for the very limited manufacturing industries in the continent to respond to the increasing energy demand. This article has assessed the impact of COVID-19 in the context of the development of the energy sector in the African continent and its performance using technology in combating consequences of the crisis.  The article also looked on the historical contribution of the African Academics and Industries in the innovation and technological development in the energy sector.

The findings show that the Pandemic has generally negative consequences on the development of the African energy sector with signs of continued development in few countries. It shows that Africa’s dependence on imported energy technology was the main factor that affects development of the African energy infrastructure. The contribution of Academics and Industries has shown similar weaknesses in the technological development because of lack of proper knowledge and skills. 

The researchers looked at the lessons learned during the pandemic and the inability of academics and industries in the innovation and technological development of the continent and recommended pathways and policies that can help in minimizing Africa’s dependence on imported energy technologies.  Proper implementation of the recommended pathways and policies could contribute to the up scaling of the local manufacturing industries in-terms of skills, design capability, engineering management, manufacturing process and other related issues.

You can download a copy of the full article via the link below.